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“20/20” – As an Owl Sees

I titled this beautiful Barn Owl, my latest painting, “20/20” – As an Owl Sees, not only for the obvious reason that birds of prey have excellent vision, but also because of what I’m personally coming to realize.

At the time I write this post, we humans, as a collective whole, have never in recent times faced so much seeming adversity, uncertainty, and challenges as we have and are right now, in 2020. The world around us seems damaged and problematic.

However, there’s another way to see the current state. A coincidence perhaps, that year 2020 shares a parallel with what is referred to as having excellent eyesight, 20/20.

What I mean is, since the beginning of this year’s various global-scale events, like regulatory social measures, economic unrest and cultural division, I personally have noticed that within it all, I’ve begun to see things differently, more clearly so to speak.

Things, as in how the general masses, for example, are collectively governed/operated/maintained by a very small group of “officials” within each economic, political, environmental, health, and financial sector, which I’ve never truly been aware of before 2020… At least not to the scale of awareness as I now have around these topics.

It feels and seems to me like humanity in general have been wearing figurative blinders for decades, only seeing what is put in front of them, and nothing else – even though there’s much more around them to see and understand.

What if, in these experiences of heightened levels of unrest, challenge and uncertainty, there’s also an opportunity to experience heightened levels of perception, new perspective, and knowledge?  Would we be willing to remove our blinders and look? Willing to be independent thinkers? Start to question things around us that seem to go against the grain of Nature?

I believe it’s the seemingly troubled times that are almost a prerequisite to begin observing things differently, to gain new awareness and to ultimately see things more clearly. I imagine this as climbing Life’s natural, evolutionary steps, with the purpose of moving humanity into new levels of life understanding and living. Like a barn owl who sees with 20/20, viewing not only what’s in front of him clearly, but in all directions, we too can learn to see an an owl sees.


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