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A Personal Contemplation – Nature’s Metaphors

apple blossom watercolor

There’s a bounty of beauty that nature offers up this month, from the deep and lush greens of grass and hill tops, the growing crops of fields and gardens, and the vibrant scent of flowers, wild or cut. Nature is buzzing and flourishing!

I always find myself contemplating on the similarities of nature’s seasons with the seasons of my own life. Have you ever considered this?

I usually find there’s a direct correlation between what’s happening in nature and that in my own life.

For instance, the steady growth and blossoming of the products of spring are the results of the quieter, darker and persistent cultivating stages of winter.

Here’s where the correlation is for me… Over the past few months, I have been working quietly, persistently and the hardest I may have ever before, on developing brand new habits and honing my painting skills. While there was’t a lot to show for on the outside, on the inside, I was on fire – gaining momentum in terms of developing deeper clarity and confidence in myself. This “season” of inner work, which can be thought of as winter, is now beginning to bloom outwardly, becoming more visible to people around me, such as my family. There’s a flourishing of completed paintings, new commission orders, and tangible goal-achieving happening now, which can be compared to the very tangible “products” of spring.

What is the metaphor that nature is providing for you right now? Perhaps it is a similar reflection to mine, or maybe it’s profoundly different – either way, if you take the time to contemplate this concept, you may open yourself up to a new insight that you may have otherwise missed.

I’d love to hear your comments and what insights you come up with!

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xxoo, Tanya


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