About Me

Tanya in Studio

Thank you so much for stopping by – I’m excited to share my artwork with you!  

Although I enjoy painting anything from a juicy piece of fruit to a pretty red fox, I’m best known for my avian watercolor subjects. I continuously turn to nature for my painting inspiration, and LOVE the challenge of capturing the most realistic characteristics as possible in each piece!

My paintings are created by using a specific layering technique of transparent watercolor pigments to create a depth of detail not typically seen in watercolors.
Unlike using large and bold strokes of brushwork, I opt for a smaller and controlled application, allowing me to capture a higher level of realism and vibrancy in my pieces.

I live in beautiful Alberta, Canada with my (handsome) husband and two (awesome) girls. Our oldest (equally awesome) girl now lives in the city and practices nursing. Our home is flanked by the Rocky Mountains and the Athabasca River.  It’s pretty easy to get inspired with this combo, wouldn’t you agree? 🙂