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Appreciating the Process


If I were asked what my biggest lesson from being an artist has been so far, I would undoubtedly say,

“Recognizing that everything, without exceptionhas a process.”

I’ve come to realize that everything has its own process, which inherently depends on the fulfillment of unique actionable steps to produce a specific outcome. Whether it’s doing a load of laundry or sketching out an image to paint, these two examples require two sets of very different steps to achieve the targeted outcome.

I realize that this may seem extremely obvious, but until recently, I had never spent much time contemplating how something goes from “point A” to “point B” without there being some sort of process involved. I was ignorant of this.

Let me tell you why this is an important realization to me – it’s produced an increased sense of joy and fulfillment in creating my art!

With my new awareness of all the “in-between” steps involved in a painting, I find myself appreciating the finished piece way more.  In addition, when I see pieces of other artists, I think about what the process may have involved, and I feel more appreciative!

In fact, not only has this impacted me with art, but it’s allowed me to find more appreciation in my day-to-day life, too.  Eating supper at home with my family, making beds, grocery shopping, fueling up my car… I could go on, but you get the idea.

I’m incredibly thankful that my joy of painting has helped me recognize this simple, yet important fact – everything has a process – and oh what a great thing it does!

xo, Tanya

PS – This Kingfisher painting, above,  is my latest piece – and my first piece of 2018! I like to think of its bright and bold colors as a symbol of what this year has to offer! Cheers to a bright and bold new year!

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