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Cultivate Calm – Coloring Sheets

For moments when you crave tranquility, turn to creativity…

Download and print out a coloring sheet —  Plums, succulents, lilies, Steller’s Jay bird or a selection of hummingbirds (all from my paintings!)
Develop greater mindfulness, relax into reflection, and cultivate calm!
(Alternative idea: print image onto watercolor paper and take out some brushes!)

Share your work with others and tag @tanyaverquin so that I can see it, too!!


African Bush Lily coloring sheet


Plums coloring sheet


Succulents coloring sheet


Steller's Jay coloring sheet

Steller’s Jay coloring sheet


Hummingbird coloring sheet


Hummingbird portrait coloring sheet



Hummingbird coloring sheet

Hummingbirds coloring sheet

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