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Illusion of Truth – Not Everything Is As It Seems

Evoking questions through art

With the unfoldment of the current world situation, the past year has been a means to an accelerated growth for me personally, as I know it has, too, for so many others. If there’s one over-arching theme I’ve awakened to, it’s that my perceived truths were but only illusions of truth.

I’ve come to realize that virtually every major system of what constitutes and governs our daily lives has been presented to us “inverted” to the truth, for our entire lives. What I had trusted and thought I understood about such systems, like government and political structures, medical and healthcare, education, financial, and mainstream anything… Well – not everything is as it seems. 

The idea of my latest painting came to me as a distinct vision one afternoon while listening to a conversation between two individuals exploring and highlighting examples around the topics I mentioned above. A couple hours later, I had an outlined sketch on my watercolor paper ready for the first brush stroke. It was the beginnings of a first-time “conceptual” art piece, which I intended to help share a message with – a piece that would evoke people into asking questions when things just don’t seem quite right. 

To me, the easiest way to explain the message behind this painting, is to simply encourage contemplation on it’s title. Without even needing to know the exact reason why there’s a checkered floor meeting the sky’s horizon instead of the earth, or what the landing eagle might represent, we may assume it not even require an explanation at all. Just in recognizing that something is unusual about this piece, and then being prompted into asking “why is it the way it is?” forms the basis of my desire to create the painting in the first place… 

Consider the following: Will the seemingly unusual painting prompt you into asking questions and wanting to explore it further? Or will you dismiss it’s peculiarity and choose to simply accept it for how it is, no questions needed? There’s no right or wrong answer here. The questions are merely one way to offer insight into how you might typically respond to the things you’re generally presented with in life.

Why would this be of importance, you may ask?

Questioning the way things are presented to us, allows us the opportunity to see and understand things more clearly; it gives us the opportunity to use our discernment. As obvious as this might sound, the concept seems to be lacking practice in society today…  There’s a reason the question “why” naturally tends to come up for us when something seems just a little off; when looking at this painting, for example. Oftentimes, instead of letting our innate intuition, or gut instincts act as a guidance mechanism, we may allow it to be overridden by someone else’s viewpoints or “facts”.   

In choosing to entertain our own independent thoughts and insights, without outside suggestions or so-called data from “the experts”, we let the answers arise within us. We begin to allow our mind to form its own understandings and interpretations on the matter. Ultimately, this simple act of contemplation and questioning gives us back our personal power and freedom to decide if we want to accept the concepts and ideals of the very things “authorities” present to us.

To highlight examples, you may notice that the vast majority of people immediately turn to a doctor’s opinion when they’re suddenly not feeling well, instead of firstly observing their situation and asking what has happened recently that may have caused an upset. 

Or most people will turn on the mainstream news programming as a means to stay up-to-date with current events, because we’ve come to believe that’s who to trust, no questions asked. 

Whatever the case may be, we’ve been taught to look to others for all the answers and solutions on almost every level of daily living. In doing so, our rational and spiritual faculties have become somewhat impaired, like our decision-making and ability to practice discernment. 

It’s my hope and intention that this painting will prompt you into more questioning if and when things don’t seem right to you. Could there be more to the story than what is being offered?

I believe that the simple practice of contemplation and allowing intuition to play a greater role in how we decide to see and accept things presented to us can help humanity regain the right to live freely – to choose, to speak, to share opinions, to connect – and to recognize the illusions in front of us.

Original watercolor “Illusion of Truth”

Leave me a comment below – I’m all for freedom of speech! Even if our perceptions and opinions differ, everyone has the right to speak freely, without censorship and judgement. I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences on this subject.

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