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I am so excited to welcome you inside my studio to share my creative space and process with you. My studio is near and dear to me – it’s a multi-functioning room that not only serves as a place to paint, but it’s also where ideas are cultivated, courses are created, and emails like this are made.

Watch the video below for a little studio tour, and then scroll down to see my painting process of a cool a commissioned project, a Brown trout, from start to finish :)


This whole process takes a number of days, and many steps back from the piece to ensure I’m viewing it with fresh eyes, but it’s the same creative stream I follow for every painting. I usually have two painting projects on the go at a time, which is a nice balance for me.

I hope you enjoyed my little studio tour and following along my painting process :)

Oh, and be sure to leave a comment if you’d like to inquire about your own commission piece!