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Inspiration: Q & A

Over the last few years, I’ve noticed a common theme in the questions I receive from those who follow my work… That theme is inspiration. So I thought it would be fun to share a couple of them and my answers with you!

Short answer: Birds, trees and the sky. 
Slightly more interesting answer: To me nature is the most pure and perfect example (or metaphor) of life. Nature, and every element of it, is a constant showcase of harmony, fragility, tenderness, strength, etc. It reminds me to learn from and lean into its principles to see where and how the laws of nature applies in my own life. (I wrote a blog post on this insight awhile back – click here to read it!)
Regarding specifically birds, trees, and the sky… I’ve just always been drawn to these elements – birds remind me of freedom and defying the laws of gravity (doing something that seems impossible!) Trees remind me of inherent strength and resiliency, on their own, but even more so when standing together. The sky reminds me of the ever shifting and flowing of moments, throughout the day and in life.  
Short answer: Yes! 
Slightly more interesting answer: No matter how cliché this sounds, I’ve still gotta say it – there is inspiration everywhere, literally. But, there’s always going to be times when we’re just not feeling it. 
I think far too often, most of us think that inspiration has to come to us in a big, shiny, lightning-bolt moment – but I’ve begun to realize that it’s much more simple than that. If I chose to wait for such moments, I would have very little to show for. In times when I don’t feel inspired, I sit myself down and just start painting, and in the simple act of beginning, eventually, inspiration finds it’s way to me… 
There are several people who have and still do influence me… 
My mom, Gayle, is an artist, and I’m always inspired by the exquisite attention to detail in her work. (Click here to visit her online gallery!) Anna Mason and Emily Jeffords are two other artists who I love learning from for their modern approach to art and business. 
I’m an avid reader and so many different authors must be included, too. To name a few: Robin SharmaCarrie GreenEckart TolleDavid IckeRumi, just to name a few 🙂
I hope so 🙂 And I hope you’ve enjoyed this little Q & A session! 
Leave a comment if you have any other questions you’re curious about. I love hearing from you.