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  • July 1st at 11:00 AM MST with Special guest Andi Locke Mears: Territorial Lobe Constellations

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Call Replays:

Member’s Call 1 (Nov 14/22)

Member’s Call 2 (Nov 28/22)

Member’s Call 3 (Dec 12/22)

Member’s Call 4 (Dec. 26/22)

Member’s Call 5 (Jan. 9/23)

Member’s Call 6 (Jan. 23/23) Topics covered: SBS of the cervix (abnormal pap-test results), brief screen share regarding depression.

Member’s Call 7 (Feb. 6/23) / Audio replay Guest speaker: Rick Kohut joins us to share wonderful info around food, how it relates to GNM, and the importance of getting to know local farmers to source your food and feed for your animals.

Member’s Call 8 (sorry, replay unavailable!)

Member’s Call 9 (Mar. 6/23) / Audio replay Topics covered: When multiple people in the family get sick at the same time (shared “collective” conflicts), review of the 3rd biological law, discussions around helping kids to correlate their symptoms to a conflict, clearing “tracks” to ongoing issues, what to do if you don’t know the original conflict, plus a screen share of the latest member’s resource ‘Overcoming Chronic Conditions’ workbook.

Member’s Call 10 (Mar. 20/23) / Audio replay Guest speaker: Andi Locke Mears joins us to introduce the fascinating topics of psychosis and constellations!

Member’s Call 11 (Apr. 3/23) / Audio replay Topics covered: Members share symptoms (full body hives, on-going colds), plus go deeper into the first biological law of nature with visual slides via screen share.

Member’s Call (Apr. 17/23) / Audio replay Topics covered: Continue lesson on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Biological Laws via screen share.

Member’s Call 13 (May 1/23) / Audio replay Topics covered: Finished up the review of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature (4th & 5th Laws) via screen share, SBSs related to teeth/dental, brief discussion on menopause: what are the common symptoms from? **Please excuse the abrupt end to the call – the last minute is missing.

Member’s Call 14 (May 15/23) / Audio replay Topics covered: Understanding headaches, member’s questions, screen share on resources

Member’s Call 15 (May 29/23) / Audio replay Topics covered: Discussion on the SBS of the Bladder (bladder cancer, UTIs, “bladder infections” and bed wetting), sleep apnea, menopause symptoms (including cold-sweats and hot flashes), stomach issues (including Crones, IBS, vomiting), and allergies.

Member’s Call 16 (June 19/23) / Audio replay Topics covered: On-going coughing in young child, lump on woman’s left side of ribs, jaw bone stiffness case study, pneumonia case study.

Member’s Call 17 (July 3/23) / Audio replay Topics covered: Natural first aid kit items (for healing symptoms or emergency), conflict course diagram review (screen share), self-exploration prompts to help identify unresolved conflicts (screen share), ear “infections” in 1-year old, sore throat, mild fever, body aches

Member’s Call 18 (July 17/23) / Audio replay Topics discussed: Case study share: Sore throat (unable to swallow – morsel conflict), SBSs linked to digestive issues (Indigestible morsel conflicts, territorial anger conflicts), the role of parasites, irregular period

Member’s Call 19 (July 31/23) / Audio replay Topic: Understanding anxiety (screen share): The biological purpose and cause of anxiety, and some helpful types of “therapy”

Member’s call 20 (Aug 14/23) / Audio replay Topic: Understanding heart issues (includes screen share): The conflict content regarding: high/low blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, heart attacks, arrhythmia, valve disease, inherited?, prevention?

Member’s call (Aug 28/23) / Audio replay Guest speaker: Danny Carroll, author of ‘Terminal Cancer is a Misdiagnosis’ joins us to share insights of the book, his upcoming ventures, and addresses some questions from members.

Member’s call (Sept 11/23) / Audio replay Understanding “cancer” through the lens of GNM: Discover the natural, meaningful, and intelligent adaptation of cancer (includes screen share) We also have a group discussion of the kidney collecting tubule program in relation to a member on the call, and discuss ideas on how to dissolve tracks at the level of the subconscious mind.

Member’s call (Sept 25/23) / Audio replay Topics: New member resources add: Symptom-specific Question Prompts to help identify conflicts – Exploring helpful questions to assist in identifying conflicts related to SKIN RASHES, UPSET STOMACH/INTESTINAL ISSUES, and EAR ACHES (screen share). Open discussion and case study shares (cold sore on lips, making the correlation of intense emotional distress producing intense physical symptoms, nightly bed wetting for 4.5 year-old boy)

Member’s call (Oct 16/23) / Audio replay Topics: Making the correlation to sore throat and cough in 7-year-old boy, Rashes: open discussion and sharing regarding experiences and questions around skin rashes (SBS of the epidermis – separation conflict), and screen share of latest symptom-specific question prompts sheets added to member’s area.

Member’s call (Oct 30/23) / Audio replay Topics: Identifying subconscious patterns of habitual thinking, feeling, and behaving in order to overcome chronic conditions. Conflicts best to not resolve after 9-months or more. SBSs that cause high blood pressure (hypertension). Conventional medicine/paradigm conditioning around “testing/screening”. How the anti-biological- human agenda makes GNM (the 5 biological laws) irrelevant.

Member’s call ( Nov 13/23) / Audio replay Topics: Adrenals and the corresponding conflicts – Adrenal Hypofunction (Stress-fatigue & chronic fatigue syndrome) and Adrenal Hyperfunction (Extreme stress/anxiety), painful menstrual cramps, fever, member shares

Member’s call (Nov 27/23) / Audio replay Topics: The 3rd biological law of Nature (explanation of the embryonic germ layers and the corresponding brain control relays and their organs/conflict themes), brain-organ cross-over correlations, laterality significance in the different tissue groups, Q & A around on-going sore knee, skin rashes, meningitis.

Member’s call (Dec 11/23) / Audio replay Topic: Understanding “tracks” and hanging-healing, review of the 2nd Biological Law (the Law of 2 Phases), member shares of experiences with tracks, plus the “dream journaling” challenge :)

Member’s call (Jan 8/24) / Audio replay Topic: Special guest, Melanie Mugeride shares a presentation on anxiety, her personal story and struggle with anxiety, and the tools she has used to manage it in day to day life. At the end of the call we have a group discussion, where several members share their experience with anxiety.

Member’s call (Jan 22/24) / Audio replay Topic: Christina shares about her 6-year-old daughter’s experiences with Intussusception (the small intestine folding in on itself) over the last several years, and intestinal polyps, the group discussion includes the conflict content (Indigestible morsel), identifying the possible initial DHS, and strategies to help children overcome conflicts. A very brief intro to constellations at the end.

Member’s call (Feb 5/24) / Audio replay Topic: Introduction to Constellations and Brainstem Constellations, including KCT Constellations (with screen share), plus personal examples of KCT Constellations

Member’s call (Feb 19/24) / Audio replay Topic: Live Belief Code session – Conducted by Shelli, the goal of this session was to help Carita and anyone else participating in the call (or listening to the recording) to let go of any beliefs holding them back. Towards the end, Shelli conducted an energy balance and alignment for the entire group, available to anyone interested, including those watching the recording later.

Member’s call (Mar 4/24) / Audio replay Topic: Cerebellum and Cerebral Medulla Constellations (Exploring the cause (and biological significance of behavioral traits such as anti-social, emotional numbness, inflated ego, boastful, gas-lighting, etc.) Plus member shares and questions.

Member’s call (Mar 18/24) / Audio replay Topic: Exploring the biological programs of the liver: starvation conflict & territorial anger conflict, open discussions, questions and sharing of related case studies.

Member’s call (Apr 8/24) / Audio replay Topic: Hormone Status and the role it plays in how we perceive our conflicts, member questions and discussions, member example of being a LH female with low hormone status.

Member’s call (Apr 22/24) / Audio replay Topic: Exploring motor conflicts – strokes, MS, paralysis, seizures, etc. via screen share, plus lots of great relevant questions! Brief touch on KCT program.

Member’s call (May 6/24) / Audio replay Topic: Special guest, ELi Abela joins us to present an incredible “ADHD” case study from the GNM/GHk perspective. Click this link for ELi’s full version video presentation of her ADHD case study.

Member’s call (May 20/24) / Audio replay Topics: Open discussion on various topics, including taking pets off of medications, knowing when to “introduce” GNM/GHk to people, weakened bones due to self-devaluation conflict-active phase, tearing skin, moles on the skin, and GNM/GHk books/resources.

Member’s call (June 3/24) / Audio replay Topic: Special guest Natasha Nazerali shares a wonderful lesson on female biology! Natasha covered hormone status, how temporal lobe constellations affect menorrhea, the biological reason of women’s cycles syncing, examples of sexual frustration conflicts, ways to navigate life with this knowledge, and so much more.

Member’s call (June 17/24) / Audio replay Topic: GNM case study and general shares: Intraductal breast cancer, tinnitus in right ear, complete hair loss and regrowth, boil on bottom, “degenerative spinal disease”, allergic reaction of severe swelling of eyes.

Member’s call (July 7/1/24) / Audio replay Topic: Special guest, Andi Locke Mears teaches on the topic of constellations in the temporal lobe (territorial conflicts). Andi also shared a great example of her own bio aggressive constellation in action. Learn the characteristics about the following temporal lobe constellations: Asthma constellation, Floater/Flying constellation, Post mortal constellation, Nympho constellation, Casanova constellation, Bio aggressive constellation, Territorial Marking constellation, Autistic constellation, and Mytho constellation.