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Summertime – Room for Spontaneity

School is officially out for the summer! My kids aren’t the only ones who are excited! This is my family’s time for embracing spontaneity!  We all know summer in Alberta is but a brief period of time, so I like to let some of our buttoned-up routines take a bit of a back seat to invite more spontaneous and unexpected experiences to show up!

Ava and Lauren skipping on the farm

Although I am a true believer that a well mapped-out day is productivity’s best friend, I feel there’s an importance to spending a period of time that’s less structured – where experiences and gifts can show up beyond how I could have ever planned them to!

 Tanya walking in the forest

Leaving room for spontaneity doesn’t mean stop planning out the days of summer, but looks more like leaving a day here and there to make choices in the moment; for being, well… spontaneous!

Jason and Tanya enjoying the mountain view

I like to choose a day of the week when the only plan on my schedule is to maintain a certain feeling state, which is the element that governs the day’s unfolding and shapes our decisions, opposed to carrying out specific scheduled and routine tasks. (So be sure to choose a desirable feeling state!)

The kids watercolor painting

As a family, during our unplanned days, we can expect the unexpected!  Sometimes in the moment we’ll decide to take a drive into Jasper for an ice cream, and end up seeing friends that we haven’t seen in forever! Or sometimes we might pack a picnic to bring to the river, and see all sorts of brilliant wildlife, like eagles, bears and sheep! Or we’ll set up post at the kitchen table to paint, craft or cook and while doing so, experience and share in rewarding, and often hilarious, bonding time.  No matter how the day unfolds, it’s always is a win, with plenty of unexpected elements enjoyed!

Athabasca river Brule Lake

Another benefit of easing up on a routine-filled day once in awhile is that it strengthens the practice of being mindful of our feeling states. The practice becomes a valuable reminder that our state of feelings and emotions are huge components that shape the day. The energy of how/what we’re feeling is highly influential on how/what we experience. Sometimes when we’re caught up in routine, it’s easy to forget to be mindful of how we want to feel, and doing the best we can to maintain it.

Canoeing on Talbot Lake

What are your thoughts about this?  If you already practice allowing spontaneity or are inclined to trying this a few days this summer, I’d love to hear about it! Comment and share about your thoughts or experiences!

Happy summer, my friends!


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