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The qualities of artwork and you…

A simple exercise…

Have you ever considered the characteristics behind the artwork you’re personally attracted to? What exactly it is that pulls you to certain styles and pieces?

I ask you for one reason – to invite you to go inward, on a journey so-to-speak, into the qualities and emotions that you find yourself most responsive to regarding art.

This simple inner contemplation exercise (be it as brief or in-depth as you’d like it) can offer you powerful, personal insights into your overall state of being and highlight some of your core values.

The benefit of sitting with your own thoughts during a simple exercise like this is profound… You gain more awareness around the energy tendencies you are most attracted to, and since everything ultimately is a vibrational resonance, you consciously tap into the same energy that represents your highest values.

For example, if when thinking about the type of art you resonate with, you uncover the characteristics harmonious, strong and joyful, then there you sit in those beautiful frequencies – and you may notice it’s those qualities to be at the core of how you operate in life.  Awareness leads to understanding 🙂

What a treat to give yourself!

I invite you to give this a try – and if you found value in it, share it!

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