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See your health concerns through the lens of a new perspective – the perspective of German New Medicine/ Germanic Healing knowledge, known as the Five Biological Laws of Nature.

Let the Laws of Nature be Your Guide

Are you ready for a new perspective? Are you ready to make a paradigm shift?
Step into a life of less fear and panic regarding your health and healing, gain a renewed appreciation for your body’s innate wisdom, and an unshakable trust in Nature’s Laws.

What if everything you’ve been taught about so-called “disease” and “illness” have been misinterpretations and misunderstandings?

Conventional and even wholistic medical models are based on the premise that symptoms = malfunctions.

The Five Biological Laws of Nature, the scientific discoveries of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, forever change the way we understand health and healing.

Imagine the freedom that comes with truly understanding the natural biological processes of your body and its direct role in responding to your life’s unexpected experiences…

The New Perspectives monthly membership was founded to:


Understand the current medical models and narratives in place that keep you fearful and dependent on the system.


Learn the Five Biological Laws of Nature to help you correctly interpret your symptoms and take personal responsibility for your health and wellness.


Remove conditioned fear-based beliefs and paradigms to help live with a greater level of freedom around your well-being.

Membership includes:

Exclusive lessons and personal guidance in twice-monthly 60-minute group calls with Tanya Verquin

Connect with a supportive community of like-minded members and share your journey with private Telegram group channel

A library of monthly meditation downloads to establish and maintain trust in your mind and body

A library of monthly “Nourish from Nature” recipe downloads to delight the body and soul 

A curated collection of GNM/GHk resources, including materials designed to help you identify conflicts and overcome chronic symptoms

BONUS 1: Intro to German New Medicine Video Course

BONUS 2: One-on-one GNM consult with Tanya


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Since becoming a mother, I felt a shift to want to be more in control and knowledgeable about my families health and well being. I had heard of GNM and found a podcast interview with Tanya where she announced her community. I’ve been part of the group for over a year and greatly appreciate the opportunity to connect with like minded people. Tanya is thoughtful in preparing for each session to make sure our time is maximized. It has become a safe space to learn about GNM and my knowledge of it has grown significantly since I joined. I am very appreciative of the effort Tanya puts into organizing this community and would recommend it to anyone who is interested!


New Perspectives Member


This membership is invaluable.  This knowledge that Tanya has been sharing has answered so many questions about, not only, my health issues, but any challenges that have come up in family members and friends. Not only will you feel empowered as she teaches this forward-thinking paradigm, but she also posts delicious recipes and the most beautiful meditations every month and is always sharing new resources. Last, but not least, the community we have created in this group is powerful. You need not feel alone anymore when facing a challenge- the support is gold!  Time to take control of your health!


New Perspectives Member


So glad I made it today!! Learned so much in a short time. Thank you, Tanya.

For anyone wanting to learn how our bodies work biologically and the way  illness/disease present themselves and why, I highly recommend joining Tanya’s membership.


New Perspectives Member


Ever since I got to know GNM it has given me so much assurance and peace about my general well being and health in general. For myself, my family and a lot of my clients I am able to make correlations in terms of conflicts and symptoms , and find out what may have caused different issues. By digging deeper, asking questions and doing all the mental work, what a relief it can bring, by knowing how the body always tries to heal itself.
I am so happy I got to know GNM,  it is a true life change, I feel more empowered and knowledgeable .
Less fear and into a life of health and freedom. I truly appreciate being connected with you, Tanya, when I have questions. By being a member I feel like I have an advantage with the live calls and telegram group.


New Perspectives Member

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