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See your health concerns through the lens of a new perspective – the perspective of the Germanic Healing knowledge, and the Five Biological Laws of Nature.

Let the Laws of Nature be Your Guide

Are you ready for a new perspective? Are you ready to make a paradigm shift?
Step into a life of less fear and panic regarding your health and healing, gain a renewed appreciation for your body’s innate wisdom, and an unshakable trust in Nature’s Laws.

What if everything you’ve been taught about so-called “disease” and “illness” have been misinterpretations and misunderstandings?

Conventional and even wholistic medical models are based on the premise that symptoms = malfunctions.

The Five Biological Laws of Nature, the scientific discoveries of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, forever change the way we understand health and healing.

Imagine the freedom that comes with truly understanding the natural biological processes of your body and its direct role in responding to your life’s unexpected experiences…

The New Perspectives monthly membership was founded to:


Understand the current medical models and narratives in place that keep you fearful and dependent on the system.


Align your consciousness with the Five Biological Laws of Nature to step into personal responsibility for your health and wellness.


Remove conditioned fear-based beliefs and paradigms to help live with a greater level of freedom around your well-being.

Membership includes:

Bi-weekly 60-minute group coaching calls with Tanya Verquin with Q & A

Telegram group access to connect with other community members

Monthly meditation recording to establish and maintain trust in your mind and body

Monthly “Nurture from Nature” recipe download to nourish the body and soul 

BONUS: Intro to German New Medicine Video Course


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