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a space offering new perspectives

Pixelated Perspectives Podcast offers alternative perspectives into your health and well being, explained through the lens of Germanic New Medicine, to help you gain new insights and awareness. Just like stepping back from a painting of little shaded squares to reveal a clear, intended picture.

Cover artwork by Tanya’s daughter, Ava

I’m Tanya – passionate about exploring perspectives in life, health and nature. As an emotion code practitioner, an accomplished artist and holistic health enthusiast, I’ve been helping people see life from new perspectives for over a decade.

Check out my podcast Pixelated Perspectives which has garnered the attention of thousands to raise awareness and empowers people through the lens of German New Medicine.

Explore my engaging online membership community New Perspectives, which serves as a hub for continuous guided learning of the Biological Laws of Nature and supports making this body of knowledge applicable in everyday life.

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