The qualities of artwork and you…

A simple exercise… Have you ever considered the characteristics behind the artwork you’re personally attracted to? What exactly it is that pulls you to certain styles and pieces? I ask you for one reason – to invite you to go inward, on a journey so-to-speak, into the qualities and emotions that you find yourself most […]

Illusion of Comfort

Evoking questions through art The predictable, familiar, and ordinary all describe what most consider elements of comfort. The systems and structures that we know, like, and trust, including emotions and thoughts, all fall into a little space often referred to as a comfort zone. Although this space tends to feel safe and secure, the very […]

Illusion of Perception

Evoking questions through art Our everyday life is a compilation of countless real-time subjective viewpoints, ideals and experiences.  Each and every thought, event, and conversation we’re presented with, is passed through our own personal filter, based on our values and beliefs, to form an opinion or interpretation of it. These subjective interpretations point to the […]

Illusion of Truth – Not Everything Is As It Seems

Evoking questions through art With the unfoldment of the current world situation, the past year has been a means to an accelerated growth for me personally, as I know it has, too, for so many others. If there’s one over-arching theme I’ve awakened to, it’s that my perceived truths were but only illusions of truth. […]

Making a Barn Wood Art Block

I wanted to share how one of my favorite products from the studio are made – our Barn Wood Art Blocks! I love that my hubby and I are both part of the creation 🙂 Jason uses leftover slabs of barn board from his frames and attaches them to the sides of a solid block of […]

“Into the Forest” Journals

Journaling is one of the ways I organize my thoughts, record inspiration, plan ahead, check my progress, and a myriad of other things… You could say I’d be lost without this tool! It’s been a goal to have my own artwork printed onto journals since forever – and my first design is here! Now you […]

TJ Frames Co. – Custom Barn Wood Frames

My husband began making custom frames for my paintings early last summer, with beautiful old barn boards from the farm and other local farms. Our barn wood Art Blocks were created when remnants of shorter boards left over from his frames started to pile up! These blocks offer a wonderful and contemporary alternative to framing […]

Inside my studio and painting process

I am so excited to welcome you inside my studio to share my creative space and process with you. My studio is near and dear to me – it’s a multi-functioning room that not only serves as a place to paint, but it’s also where ideas are cultivated, courses are created, and emails like this […]